Looking Onward

I think it is always good to know when something is over. I have felt, for a while now, that KindandCrazy may no longer be needed. Of course, I won’t get rid of it completely because there is lots of good stuff on here, and it is a place where I have come to write, to learn more about myself and my relationships, and it is where I have shared so many thoughts and experiences. But this chapter seems to be closing and a new one is unfolding.

Gareth and I think it would be so wonderful to start a blog that reflects both of us – our new lives together as a married couple (3 months away!) and our journeys/experiences together as a new family. We will both blog about our adventures and everything won’t always be from just my point of view!

One thing we are SO EXCITED to blog about is our trip to Wales next year! Gareth’s father is from Wales and I am so excited to go overseas and see part of Gareth’s heritage. We will be going for 7-10 days and meeting his parents and Taidi over there. We will ride his motorcycle through the enchanted Welsh land and explore all its beauty and best kept secrets! We will drink tea and eat scones! And someday we will also visit Antiqua (where is mother is from).

The blog will be a symbol of our fresh start and of our lives together. Who knows what this life will bring, but we are excited to share some of our adventures and a piece of our lives with whoever is interested!

As for KindandCrazy – Thanks to all who have read my posts and supported my blog from the beginning. Meant so much to me. And there will be posts on here in the future, just few and far between.

Now – onto Electric Forest and more wedding planning! We are getting down to the nitty-gritty, down and dirty details! It is going to be so amazing. We can’t wait!

Also – just wanted to say — and I know Gareth feels the same way as I do — THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART to the people who constantly support us, who show us so much love and who remain constant lights in our lives. We seriously love all our family and friends more than anything and we know that people who know us well will always stand by our sides and support our love and help us. We have such wonderful families and friends, who are also our family, and we are just so blessed. I only hope we return the love back to all of you in the same way.

Love conquers all. All you need is love. Love lifts us up where we belong. (a little Moulin Rouge for ya!) Cheerio and peace,



About KindandCrazy

I like to express my creativity and explore the depths of my own mind (and others). I really do live in the moment.. sometimes to a fault. I love and embrace the gift of life. I am a dreamer.
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One Response to Looking Onward

  1. lmoxley says:

    You two have a powerful love. I am so happy for you both! You deserve this happiness and all the good life can offer and you can return. Life is a wonderful journey. Enjoy the small miracles and milestones with each other every step of the way. Love you and Gareth!! Mom

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