For the past two months, I have been extremely happy. I made some important changes in my life, and my depression has disappeared. There really just came a point where I had to take a stand against myself and those temptations that were beginning to take over and define me, and it wasn’t even that difficult. I may find myself struggling, but just like quitting anything that’s bad for you, you have to either replace it with something good, or don’t put yourself in situations that will tempt you. I have been more focused on love and on my marriage and my relationship with Gareth. When you focus on love, and you choose love, and remember only good times rather than bad, you can be happy. I love falling in love with Gareth all over again. Recognizing his strengths, making goals together, and finding joy in the fact that we will always have each other, and that we chose each other to spend this amazing life with. It gives me so much comfort and peace. It centers me and my existence. We have also been so focused on our families lately, and we are realizing that family is the most important thing… life is too short… and we want to grow and tend to those relationships. Our friends are a different kind of family, and we love our friends so much. The connections we have made have been such a blessing. There are still so many things I want to do for myself, but centering myself and focusing on love and family has made all that seem easy and like I don’t need to do anything except love in order to be happy. All the other stuff I want to do can just flow in my life now. I am writing this post in case I ever forget and get trapped within myself again. I am a dreamer, and I do get stuck in my head way too often. I am inspired, and then I get depressed because I am not doing all I should be.. it’s the idealist in me. I can conquer it though. I will and I am.

Christmas is all about sharing love. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and that we keep this spirit all year long. God bless.


About KindandCrazy

I like to express my creativity and explore the depths of my own mind (and others). I really do live in the moment.. sometimes to a fault. I love and embrace the gift of life. I am a dreamer.
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