New Year

I always love to look back on the year and see all the awesome things that occurred in our lives. It’s important to cherish the good memories, and learn from mistakes. There is no sense in holding on to the past, only the present moment exists, but life is so short. It’s crazy to think about our time here on earth. Death. Acceptance of each other. And what it’s all for? Love. I know that life holds meaning and being here as people is amazing. I always try to stop and smell the roses when it comes to people I love and hold dear. It’s important celebrate the love we have in this life.

2013 was another amazing year for Gareth and me. It was filled with shows, weddings, a trip to Wales and England, Wakarusa, a wonderful 3 day String Cheese Incident for the 4th of July in Austin with the loveliest people, Interlocken music fest where we saw Furthur, and then Harvest music fest which we fell in love with, OU/Texas where we lost but still had a great time, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas. We spent time with our friends and grew closer as a couple. We also began to realize how much we enjoy time with our families and they are our best friends as well! Family has become a center theme in our lives. It’s important to have lunch, phone calls, trips, etc with our families. They mean so much to us, especially as we are getting older and maturing.

We also celebrated our first year of marriage… It went by so quickly! I think Gareth and I are really learning how to function as a team. We truly are the bestest of friends. We love playing together – it’s like our favorite thing. You could say we have our own language when we’re home together. We still learn something new about our relationship every day- communication, forgiveness, compromise, etc. It’s amazing journey and we wouldn’t want to experience this life with anyone else!

We are both looking forward to this next year so much. We have set goals and are already planning out our vacations. Last year we saved up for a new TV and receiver, and this year we are going to focus more on our house- furniture, decorating and such. Hello, 2014! 🙂


About KindandCrazy

I like to express my creativity and explore the depths of my own mind (and others). I really do live in the moment.. sometimes to a fault. I love and embrace the gift of life. I am a dreamer.
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