Attached to Bed Moments

Lately, I’ve been so attached to my bed. It’s getting bad. Our bed is super comfy and the wonderful way the cold pillow touches my face puts me to sleep almost instantly – doesn’t matter the time of day. I’m late for everything because of my bed. It reminds me of when I first got my own apartment in college, and I would rarely leave my bedroom, let alone my bed. It’s where I ate, studied, wrote, watched TV, looked out the window, felt safe. I would fall asleep studying, wake up and study some more, go back to sleep, and so on. I love my quiet, alone time so much. Especially when it’s raining outside and the trees and grass get so vibrantly green. It’s the most cozy and fulfilling quiet moments that belong solely to me and my mind. Sometimes I feel like I could sleep for a week straight if I was allowed to. And then, just maybe, I wouldn’t be so attached to my bed, my sleep, my dreams, my refuge. Ahh, all this talk about my bed is making me want it so bad. But instead, I will force myself to go home, meditate with my hoop and spin it around, eat some dinner, buy some work clothes, and then finally… hit the sack.


About KindandCrazy

I like to express my creativity and explore the depths of my own mind (and others). I really do live in the moment.. sometimes to a fault. I love and embrace the gift of life. I am a dreamer.
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