Coming to all you readers from a kindhead/crazylady. I’ll share all my experiences/ideas on here as a way to document them and hand them out to you simultaneously. I will also share/re-post anything exciting I find!

The picture to the left is of me and my other half. I love him and that is why he is in a lot of my posts.

I am life imitating art. Lovers are cheating, people are dying, undertones are raw, for miles. There is pain, and it’s always worse than that. But realize.. there is still morning dew on the ground. These are the days of juice. This is life. Dance with it, take the ride, share happiness, & grow. Do not find reason to experience it, just do. This is the extreme reality. The root of the root. Scatter it, love it, embrace it, live it, drink it. Your life is beautiful.

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4 Responses to About

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Excellent. I just caught up on your adventures. Let the music flow and it will take you to places you can never imagine. Enjoy life.

  3. I’d love to offer you some content for this blog…just joined Re:Evolution Media and have been the live art director at Sonic Bloom and Wakarusa last couple years, plus you and I like a lot of the same music. I think we could have a great conversation. 🙂


    • KindandCrazy says:

      Sounds awesome! I subscribe to your blog as well and I love reading it. Also enjoyed your art and music at Manifestation.. as well as all the cool art you did on the people at Electric Forest 🙂

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